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The workshops that I have offered at the University of Missouri, the Danish Technological Institute, and through the N. C. State University Forensic Sciences program, are no longer being regularly presented. Please contact me directly if there is interest in presenting one for a particular group or company. In order to teach attendees the important basics of image analysis, rather than just the operation of a specific program, these workshops utilize Adobe Photoshop as a basic imaging platform, with plug-in routines that implement the algorithms for processing and measurement illlustrated in my book The Image Processing Cookbook, 2nd edition which was written to support these courses and to provide a hands-on teaching guide for the processing and analysis of technical, scientific and forensic images. (See more about all my books on the "Books" page.) The set of Photoshop plug-ins described in the Cookbook and used in the courses can be downloaded from the "Software" page

On-site workshops on image analysis can be customized to your organization's needs, which typically run 2 to 4 days and are very cost effective for 8-15 persons. A variety of host programs can be used as the basis for instruction. You can download an outline (Acrobat pdf format) that shows the main topics that are usually covered. For more information, scheduling, and costs contact me directly.

I estimate that I have now taught three- and four-day courses to approximately 4000 students, and at least that many more have attended a one-day tutorial (plus teaching semester-long courses at NCSU for 20 years). But there are lots more people who would benefit from this information than I will ever be able to reach personally, so I've turned to technology to help. The Molecular Expressions microscopy web site hosted by Mike Davidson's group at Florida State University has an on-line set of my lecture notes enhanced by dozens of interactive Java applets, covering many of the topics that I present in a typical one-day tutorial. I encourage you to check it out.

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